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Business Intelligence, a Lever for Growth

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

The world today is driven by data. Technology has made ubiquitous data collection a straightforward process. As a business owner or a manager, you probably no longer have difficulty accessing data. But, on the other hand, knowing what to do with it probably keeps you up at night.

Business Intelligence, a lever for Growth

Companies are overwhelmed with data and figures of all kinds coming from various departments. The result is data silos that inevitably cause chaos when managing it. This has the effect of making reliable operational decisions more difficult for managers.

The quality of information is essential to making rational and rapid operational decisions.

Through BI, companies, based on their data, make predictions on sales trends, analyze their ROI, track their profits, and can make better-informed decisions about services and products. This article will show you five ways to become a data rock star and grow your business with BI.

Make fast and relevant operational decisions.

Employees in different departments collect data using different methods and various technological tools. Some use spreadsheets. Others prefer to inject all the information into a central server. Unfortunately, most of the time, the data collected this way looks like a mass of irrelevant, inaccurate, and inconsistent data. As a result, you cannot risk making decisions based on questionable information as a business owner or manager.

On the other hand, Business Intelligence would allow you to bring out, in real-time, an impressive amount of information contained in the spreadsheets and databases of different departments. You can then use them to make quick and relevant decisions.

Focus on growing your business, not the numbers.

A good BI solution's main benefit is improving efficiency and productivity within your business. Simple tools, easy to use, allow everyone within your company to appropriate them without effort. This promotes knowledge exchange between different departments and will help you save time on analysis and reporting.

This is particularly important if you produce regular reports, for example, monthly management reports, for which you need the same data every month. Sharing information reduces the risk of data duplication, ensures all numbers match, and allows you to get on with more important things, such as running your business.

Minimize uncertainty about the future.

Every business faces uncertainties. Although you cannot avoid these hazards, you do have the possibility of reducing the risk they entail by using Business Intelligence. BI empowers you to analyze market conditions, your performance as a business, and your competitors, to sketch out future requirements. You can then leverage this knowledge to make strategic business decisions that benefit your business.

Multiply satisfied customers with Business Intelligence

A satisfied customer is a source of renewed activity. BI gives you a competitive advantage in this regard. By knowing what your customers are buying, what services they prefer, and their challenges, you can provide them with more personalized service. You can build on their buying behavior and add additional elements to improve the customer experience. You will also gain operational efficiency, which will further enhance customer satisfaction.

Please don't wait for data to be perfect; create it.

You'll be waiting long if you're constantly waiting for the perfect numbers to emerge from your reports and inspire your decisions. Managers who spend excessive valuable time waiting or debating the accuracy of information instead of making choices risk sacrificing productivity or credibility.

Because BI helps you focus on your company's presence, you gain a real-time overview and can confidently make operational decisions. Of course, ensuring you have perfect data will help you operate more efficiently, but it will also give you more time to innovate based on the data's insights.

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