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Case Study: TaskTitan's Rise in User Retention Through Automated Onboarding

Updated: May 29


TaskTitan, a budding SaaS startup based in Stockholm, Sweden, offers a project management tool tailored for small businesses. While the software was rich in features, TaskTitan grappled with a high churn rate during the trial phase. The primary feedback was that new users found the platform overwhelming.


Reduce the churn rate by 30% in 6 months and enhance the user experience during onboarding.


1. Interactive Product Tours:

To ease users into the platform, TaskTitan introduced an automated, interactive product tour, focusing on:

  • Task creation and assignment.

  • Collaborative features like chat and file sharing.

  • Reporting and analytics.

Within weeks, support queries during the initial phase were reduced by 20%.

2. Personalized Welcome Emails:

Every new sign-up was greeted with:

  • A warm welcome message.

  • A link to the product tour.

  • Resources tailored for small businesses, including templates and best practices.

This initiative spiked engagement rates from 40% to 65% within the first month.

3. Behavioral Triggered Messages:

TaskTitan set up automated nudges:

  • If a user hadn't created a task within 48 hours, they received a tutorial.

  • Users got best practice tips if collaboration tools remained unused for a week.

As a result, 70% of the nudged users engaged with the highlighted features within the next 24 hours.

4. Milestone Celebrations:

Achievement badges were awarded for:

  • First task completion.

  • First team collaboration.

  • Completing a project.

Feedback suggested that users felt a sense of accomplishment and were more eager to explore further.

5. Feedback Collection Loops:

Automated surveys were sent:

  • After completing the product tour.

  • After one month of use.

Responses led to refining the tour and enhancing certain tool explanations.

6. Reminders and Check-ins:

To curb inactivity:

  • Users received a check-in message after 72 hours of inactivity, offering help.

  • After a week of inactivity, they received a feature highlight email.

This strategy reclaimed 15% of inactive users during the trial period.


In just six months, TaskTitan reduced its churn rate from 40% to 28% during the trial phase, surpassing the initial goal. The automated onboarding strategy eased users into the platform and fostered a sense of community and achievement.

Tailored automated onboarding processes can drastically improve user engagement and satisfaction, leading to better retention rates.
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