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Inbound marketing, a real growth lever for SaaS companies

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Unlock SaaS success with the power of inbound marketing! Discover how this proven strategy drives real growth for software companies. From attracting qualified leads to nurturing conversions, harness the potential of inbound methods to elevate your SaaS brand. Explore expert insights and actionable tips to amplify your online presence, engage your target audience, and maximize customer acquisition. Elevate your SaaS business with the ultimate growth lever: inbound marketing.

growth lever for SaaS companies

The main challenge for SaaS

SaaS has no choice but to differentiate itself in a robust competitive environment. The challenge is significant because this differentiation – the key to hyper-growth -must be done while succeeding in reducing its acquisition cost and Churn.

In addition, SaaS must manage to shorten their sales cycles while increasing the retention rate. So many issues make the product launch a highly strategic step, which should be supported with targeted marketing actions.

Inbound marketing to quickly convince new customers

Rather than soliciting your targets intrusively, inbound marketing consists of bringing customers directly to you. The content strategy is designed to trigger and attract your prospects. At a time when 70% of purchasing decisions start with a search for information on Google, this strategy is particularly effective.

For the content produced as part of an inbound marketing strategy to hold the attention of your targets, it is essential to define your buyer personas beforehand. Blog articles, white papers, customer cases… The various contents will then have to respond to the problems encountered during the three stages of the buyer journey:

  • Discovery phase

  • Assessment phase

  • Purchase stage

By distributing this SEO-optimized content on social networks, you increase your chances of reaching your target. Once you have attracted your prospects to your site, you should convert these visitors into leads by encouraging them to leave their contact details. CTAs, or calls to action, are essential in this sense. Finally, the last step is to convert leads into customers with marketing automation and lead nurturing.

5 facts to a succesuful SaaS

Inbound marketing to reduce Churn and increase MRR

A SaaS company must closely observe many metrics. The Churn, or the attrition rate, makes it possible to follow the pace of unsubscriptions. Following it carefully makes it possible to measure the performance of its customer relationship. Through marketing automation and lead-scoring techniques, it is possible to anticipate friction points.

By retaining your customers, you can secure your MRR, the Monthly Recurring Revenue, or recurring income. This fundamental KPI gives a vision of turnover over the long term. As part of an inbound marketing strategy, sending automated emails offering up-selling will allow you to increase your MRR.

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