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10 reasons to launch a business blog!

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

A few years ago, it was essential to maintain a corporate blog. However, with the emergence of social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin… The notoriety of the blog has slightly decreased.

business blog

Yet Blogging is an essential marketing tool for brand awareness, communicating with your customers, and disseminating information to your partners. The Company Blog is even more important in B2B because a buyer often has a long decision cycle (several months), with a long phase of nurturing and maturity.

Advantages Of A Business Blog

Nevertheless, taking these elements into your consideration, you have to acknowledge the several advantages of business blogs:

  1. Improve your website's visibility and ranking on Google by posting articles on your industry topics with related keywords.

  2. Humanize your company to give a brand image of know-how, sympathy capital, inform about your innovations...

  3. Disseminate non-commercial information about your products (tips and tricks, feedback, etc.) that would not be in your traditional communication strategy.

  4. Establish a dialogue with your customers on your products, problems, and suggestions...

  5. Be at the nucleus of your communication strategy on social networks (your "base camp") by Centralizing the product content you push (articles, surveys, contests, white papers, videos, etc.).

  6. Create a call-to-action on your content to convert visitors into opportunities and customers.

  7. Encourage your site subscribers to relay your content because journalists seek news and innovations.

  8. Become the reference in your sector of activity, whether via the search engine or quotes from other websites (backlinks)...

  9. Educate your prospects by posting information about the benefits and advantages of using your products. The objective is to support candidates in their purchasing cycle, from the information phase to the product choice phase.

  10. Become independent of your communication agency to produce your content and transform your marketing department into real media.

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