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Market and Competitors Overview

  • Snapshot analysis of your industry and key competitors.

  • Identify market trends and initial opportunities.


Basic Market Analysis

  • Overview of market dynamics relevant to your business.

  • Insights into potential customer segments and market entry.


SEO Fundamentals

  • Introduction to SEO strategies tailored to improve your website’s visibility.

  • Best practices for on-page SEO to kickstart your organic growth.


Social Media Guidance

  • Guidelines on setting up and starting your social media presence.

  • Tips on engaging your audience and establishing your brand online.


Content Marketing Basics

  • Strategies to create compelling content that resonates with your target audience.

  • Initial content plan outline to support your digital marketing efforts.


Consultation Calls

  • Initial consultation call to understand your business and set goals.

  • Review call to assess the plan's progress and discuss adjustments.

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is the perfect entry point for startups and small businesses aiming to understand their market and kick off their digital strategy. It is tailored for early-stage ventures and provides essential market insights, SEO basics, social media guidance, and a detailed analysis report and execution plan. It's your streamlined path to initiating a successful digital marketing journey.

  • 3 500US$
    Quarterly Subscription: One-time payment.
    Valid for 3 months

One-Time Payment

Key Features:

  • Market and Competitor Analysis

  • 3 Months Marketing Plan to Execute.

  • SEO Fundamentals:

  • Social Media Guidance

  • Content Marketing

  • PPC Campaigns

What You Will Receive
  • Detailed Market Insights: Understand your industry landscape and key competitors.

  • Custom Strategy: A step-by-step plan focusing on SEO, social media, and content marketing.

  • Expert Guidance: Initial consultation and review calls to align strategies with your business objectives.

  • Actionable Steps: Practical advice to apply your marketing strategies effectively.


How It Works
  1. Sign Up: Complete the purchase through our secure platform.

  2. Consultation Call: Schedule your initial consultation to discuss your goals and challenges.

  3. Receive Your Plan: Get a comprehensive digital marketing strategy within a week.

  4. Review & Implement: After 3 months, we'll review the plan's progress together and adjust as needed.


Why Choose the Starter Plan?
  • Cost-Effective: A one-time payment for a comprehensive marketing strategy.

  • Tailored for Growth: Specifically designed for startups and small businesses.

  • Expert Support: Gain insights and advice from digital marketing professionals.

  • Roadmap to Success: Start with a clear plan and actionable steps to improve your online presence.

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Growth Plan

Ideal for those who have a foundational online presence and seek deeper market insights and advanced strategies.


Accelerator Plan

Perfect for organizations with a solid digital foundation aiming for market leadership, this plan delivers competitor, and customer behavior analysis

  • What differentiates the Starter, Growth, and Accelerator plans?
    Each plan is tailored to suit different stages of business growth. The Starter Plan offers foundational digital marketing strategies ideal for new businesses. The Growth Plan is designed for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence with more advanced strategies. The Accelerator Plan is our most comprehensive offering, aimed at businesses ready for aggressive growth and market leadership with cutting-edge marketing techniques.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
    Yes, you can adjust your plan based on your business needs. Upgrading or downgrading can be easily managed by contacting our support team, ensuring your marketing efforts align with your business goals and budget.
  • How are the marketing strategies customized for my business?
    Our team conducts in-depth research into your market, industry, and competitive landscape. Based on this analysis, we tailor the marketing strategies to your specific business objectives, target audience, and your sector's unique challenges and opportunities.
  • What kind of results can I expect from these plans?
    While results can vary based on market dynamics and the competitive environment, our plans are designed to improve your online visibility, increase traffic, enhance engagement, and drive conversions. We focus on measurable outcomes and continuously optimize strategies for the best possible performance.
  • How is progress tracked and reported?
    The Growth and Accelerator Plans include access to a marketing dashboard that provides real-time analytics on your campaigns. Additionally, we provide regular reports and strategic consultation calls to review progress, discuss insights, and plan future actions.
  • What is the duration of these plans?
    The Starter and Growth plans are initially set for a 3-month execution period, with renewal or upgrade options. The Accelerator Plan offers quarterly and annual billing options, allowing for ongoing, adaptable marketing support.
  • Are there any additional costs involved?
    The prices listed for each plan cover all the outlined services. Any additional services or ad spend required beyond the plan's scope will be discussed and approved by you in advance.
  • How soon can I start seeing improvements in my marketing efforts?
    While some improvements can be seen relatively quickly, such as increased social media engagement or improved SEO rankings, more significant results, like higher conversion rates and ROI, typically take longer to manifest. We recommend giving any digital marketing strategy at least 3-6 months to gauge its impact fully.
  • How do I get started?
    Getting started is easy! Choose the plan that best fits your business needs and complete the sign-up process on our website. One of our team members will then reach out to schedule an initial consultation call.
  • Who can I contact if I have more questions?
    For further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team via email at or phone at 0046 733 825 786. We’re here to help ensure your digital marketing success.
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