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Case Study: How Stockholm-based SaaS Startup 'TechPulse' Amplified Growth with SendinBlue

Updated: May 29


'TechPulse,' a budding SaaS startup based in Stockholm, developed an intuitive project management tool targeting freelancers and micro-businesses. While they had a superior product, their limited marketing budget posed a challenge in effectively reaching their target audience.


  1. Limited Outreach: TechPulse's initial email campaigns were manually crafted, leading to time lags and irregular communication with potential customers.

  2. Engagement: The absence of segmentation meant emails weren't tailored to user behavior, resulting in low engagement rates.

  3. Budget: With a tight budget, they needed an affordable and scalable solution.

Solution: Embracing SendinBlue:

Recognizing the power of marketing automation and its affordability, TechPulse onboarded SendinBlue for their marketing endeavors:

  1. Tailored Campaigns: TechPulse started segmenting its subscriber list based on user behavior, creating personalized emails for trial users, active users, and dormant accounts.

  2. SMS Integration: Using SendinBlue's SMS campaigns, they initiated time-sensitive offers and updates, resulting in immediate upticks in website visits.

  3. Chat Functionality: By integrating SendinBlue's chat function, they provided real-time assistance, improving user experience and increasing sign-ups.

  4. Scalability: With SendinBlue's pricing model, they could scale their outreach without significantly affecting their budget.


  • Engagement Boost: Email open rates increased by 40%, and the click-through rate saw a rise of 35% within the first three months.

  • Elevated Conversions: The rate at which trial users converted to paid users grew by 20%.

  • User Retention: Personalized emails for dormant accounts successfully revived interest, bringing back 10% of inactive users.

  • Budget Efficiency: TechPulse increased its marketing outreach while keeping its expenses below its allocated budget.

SendinBlue emerged as a game-changer for TechPulse, allowing them to maximize their marketing outreach on a shoestring budget. They enhanced user engagement and conversions by harnessing the power of segmentation, SMS campaigns, and chat support.

This case underscores affordable marketing automation tools' pivotal role in the success journey of bootstrapped SaaS startups.

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