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Case Study: StreamTech's Journey with Marketing Automation

Updated: May 29


StreamTech, a budding SaaS startup based in Stockholm, Sweden, offers innovative streaming solutions for small businesses. Founded in 2020, they quickly realized the potential of their product but need help with customer engagement and lead conversion, typical challenges for a new SaaS company targeting a saturated market.

The Challenge:

With a limited marketing team and budget constraints, StreamTech faced the dual challenge of reaching a broader audience while personalizing its customer's journey. They wanted to ensure that each interaction with a potential or current customer felt personalized, even with a growing user base.

The Solution: Marketing Automation

  • Goal Definition: StreamTech wanted to increase user engagement by 50% and boost conversion rates by 20% within six months.

  • Tool Selection: After researching, StreamTech opted for MailerLite, an affordable yet powerful marketing automation tool suited for their current scale.

  • Audience Segmentation: They categorized their users based on their interaction with the platform—frequent users, occasional users, and dormant accounts.

  • Automation Workflows: StreamTech designed a series of email campaigns:

    • Frequent users received updates about advanced features and loyalty perks.

    • Occasional users got tips on maximizing the platform's potential.

    • Dormant accounts were re-engaged with offers, product updates, and user testimonials.

The Results:

  • Within three months, user engagement surged by 60%, exceeding the set target. Users began interacting more frequently with StreamTech's platform, and feedback indicated that the emails played a significant role in this uptick.

  • The conversion rate saw a 25% increase by the end of six months. Many occasional users upgraded to premium plans, and dormant accounts were reactivated.

  • The team maintained a personal touch with each email, ensuring their brand image remained authentic and approachable despite the automated communications.


The success of their initial foray into marketing automation made StreamTech's leadership invest further in this direction. They integrated their CRM with the automation tool to refine user segmentation and introduced A/B testing to optimize their campaigns continuously.

For StreamTech, marketing automation wasn't just a tool—it became a strategic ally in their growth journey.

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