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Case Study: UrbanGreen Landscaping and CRM-Marketing Automation Integration

Updated: May 29

Company Overview:

UrbanGreen Landscaping provides eco-friendly landscaping solutions for urban homes and commercial spaces. Based in New York, they've been in the industry for a decade and have a loyal customer base.


Despite a solid clientele, UrbanGreen struggled to upsell additional services and needed help reaching potential new clients. Their marketing efforts were often general and required more personalization. Additionally, their sales team was unaware of potential opportunities as there was no integrated system to notify them about client interactions or inquiries.

Solution: Integrating CRM with Marketing Automation

  1. Unified Customer View: UrbanGreen decided to integrate their CRM system, which housed detailed client profiles, with their newly adopted marketing automation tool.

  2. Segmentation: Using data from the CRM, they segmented their audience into categories: residential clients, commercial clients, repeat clients, and leads who had shown interest but had yet to purchase.

  3. Behavior-Triggered Campaigns: Clients who had previously availed of basic landscaping services were targeted with emails showcasing advanced eco-friendly solutions based on their past interactions and preferences.

  4. Lead Nurturing: Potential clients who had inquired but have yet to avail of any services were sent educational content about eco-friendly urban landscaping. This built trust and showcased UrbanGreen's expertise.

  5. Enhanced Reporting: The integrated systems allowed UrbanGreen to get comprehensive reports on which campaigns led to conversions, enabling them to refine their strategies over time.


Six months post-integration:

  • UrbanGreen saw a 25% increase in upsells, with previous clients opting for more advanced services.

  • The lead conversion rate increased by 40%, with many attributing their decision to the informative content they received.

  • The sales team closed deals 20% faster, thanks to real-time notifications about client interactions.

  • Client satisfaction also rose, with many appreciating the personalized approach in the communications they received.

For UrbanGreen Landscaping, integrating CRM with marketing automation didn't just result in higher sales; it enhanced their brand image, positioning them as attentive and forward-thinking in their domain.

This case underscores the transformative potential of CRM and marketing automation integration in deepening client relationships and driving growth.

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