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Communication Strategy To Improve Brand Image

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

The deployment of digital technologies has led to a multiplication of communication channels, bringing with it the possibility of quickly becoming known on the Internet and entering global markets.

Branding Strategy

Companies are developing innovative, attractive communication strategies that align with their fundamental values to meet the new challenges of digital evolution and succeed in standing out. Improving their brand image is one of them. How to achieve it? Here are six keys:

Define your target audience.

Before looking at a brand identity, it is essential to ask yourself several questions. Knowing how to recognize your target audience accurately is one of them. Whom are we trying to reach? How to proceed? Answering these questions allows us to visualize the image we wish to convey, making our brand authentic and irreplaceable in the eyes of the people targeted.

Understand your environment

Sometimes, using a communication agency allows you to analyze and understand your business environment, to know its strengths and weaknesses, and, ultimately, to better position yourself against the competition. It is also good to know that there are two types of competition:

  • Direct competition refers to businesses or companies that offer similar products or services and target the same or a very similar audience. These competitors operate in the same industry and often compete directly for the same customers' attention, preferences, and purchasing decisions. In essence, direct competitors are in head-to-head competition with each other, striving to meet the exact customer needs and fulfill the same demands.

  • Indirect competition refers to businesses or companies that offer different products or services but still cater to the same or a similar target audience. While indirect competitors do not offer the same offerings, their products or services are related enough that they can influence customers' purchasing decisions. In other words, indirect competitors are alternatives that customers might consider when buying, even though they are not in the same industry or provide identical solutions.

After analyzing its environment and defining its main competitors, it is time to set the necessary strategies to stand out.

Multiply formats Strategy

Among the most common communication strategies, multiformat and omnichannel distribution make reaching a wider audience possible. Using several forms is also an opportunity to generate original content adapted to the audiences' specificities in the different media. Infographics and videos are gaining momentum, especially on social networks, and should be exploited. When they go viral, they generate traffic and drive consumption.

Cultivate your community

The distribution of quality content on different platforms helps form a community. Nurturing this sense of community provides a business with the following opportunities:

  • Distribute marketing campaigns to an engaged audience

  • Interact with your customers

  • Promote your brand and create new relationships

  • Consider the opinion of its customers.

Cultivate its community and be attentive to users' interests and concerns; therefore, best adapt to their requests.

Recognize and take responsibility for your mistakes.

The internet world, especially social networks, is sometimes cruel. The slightest error can profoundly affect the image of a brand. Therefore, knowing how to react positively and constructively to one's weaknesses is essential to limit long-term repercussions. Here are the preferred reactions:

  • Respond promptly and publicly apologize

  • Propose a satisfactory solution

  • Thank your prominent supporters for their trust

Use analytics tools

The flow of information on social networks is substantial: it is easy to get lost. This is why it may be wise to use tools to understand the degree of appreciation of the different attempts to communicate your brand. Most of the time, the networks also have their free analysis tools. We are thinking in particular of Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics.

Creating an attractive brand image that aligns with your company's philosophy requires constant attention. However, when the work is done well, it quickly pays off.

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