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Content Marketing: The know-how

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Creating content that generates quality leads and attracts more traffic requires experience, a perfect knowledge of the targets, and creativity. Furthermore, improving the SEO performance of this content requires even more expertise (SEO remains the primary source of leads for companies).

Content Marketing

Content Marketing: How to do it successfully?

It is fundamental to give content marketing its place within your company. These techniques will help you do this in the most efficient way possible.

Develop your expertise

Designate a content manager, build expertise in-house (training and practice, hiring), or bring in an external expert.

Define your goals

Defining your target audiences to determine the content to develop would be best. You won't be able to start the content creation process if you don't know whom to target. This modeling of target audiences is generally lacking in SMEs. However, strategic information impacts the company's sales, marketing, and communication processes well beyond digital marketing. A precious help to approach it: the tools and concepts of Strategize, which facilitate the modeling of your activity, your customer segments, your value offers, and your key resources.

Develop your KPIs to measure progress.

Defining the criteria for measuring success (brand awareness through traffic and engagement, number of contacts obtained per campaign, etc.) is essential. This presupposes the implementation of tracking tools providing reliable information.

Select your core content.

Start with important content, which can be used over time, such as a white paper, for example, or a set of videos containing relevant information that can be segmented. Every piece of content that has been published and performed well can be repurposed to reach new insights.

Reuse this content in a variety of ways.

Once the primary content has been selected, use this information to design different formats to help deliver your messages (e.g., articles, webinars, videos, images, use cases, etc.). Segmenting the best information into smaller pieces of content will help you expand your reach and reach more potential customers. With this digital tactic - atomizing your content into multiple pieces or stories - your content will travel the maximum mileage across all relevant platforms.

Distribute widely

Once you have the necessary documents, it is time to distribute them through various communication channels, including social networks, websites and blogs, advertising campaigns, affiliation, and email.

Collect data

After this process, collect information on the most appropriate formats for your audiences. This information creates more content related to what stood out the most.

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