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10 Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Website

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

A lead magnet engages high-added-value content with the high-added-value offered to your website's visitors in exchange for their emails and other data. The main objective of the lead magnet is to convert the visitor into a lead (a hot prospect) and to develop the most qualified contact base possible to be able, in a second step, to deploy other web marketing mechanisms.

The main objective of the lead magnet is to convert the visitor into a lead (a hot prospect) and to develop the most qualified contact base possible to be able, in a second step, to deploy other web marketing mechanisms.

To be effective and convert as many visitors as possible into leads, a lead magnet must:

  • Be attractive and offer an irresistible promise.

  • Bring a real gain to the visitor.

  • Provide a concrete solution to a problem

  • Provide knowledge and expertise

  • Save time

  • Give access to exclusivity.

  • Meet the needs and expectations of the targets

  • Contain a "call to action," a call to action button.

  • Be embedded in critical places on the website (e.g., in a blog post)

To help you convert your visitors into leads, we offer ten lead magnet ideas to deploy according to your targets' context and typology.

1- The ebook and the white paper, a proven lead magnet

Among the lead magnet ideas, the ebook and white paper (more oriented on a specific theme) are undoubtedly two of the most common lead magnets. Against the completion of a contact form, visitors can download an ebook or white paper that deals with a subject that concerns them and provides concrete and well-argued answers to some of their issues. We give him access to expert advice, and we provide him with real solutions to allow him to progress.

2- The template, an operational lead magnet

Here, the idea is to save the visitor time by providing a concrete solution through a model to be used immediately. In exchange for its data, we can, for example, offer a standard letter template, a contract template, templates for different documents to personalize, a checklist or to-do list, a Content schedule, etc.

3- The newsletter, an expert lead magnet

Encourage visitors to follow all your company news and access content as a priority by subscribing to your newsletter.

4- The webinar, a captivating lead magnet

Your quality as an expert in your field allows you to organize "live" webinars to share your knowledge and experience with your targets. Making them "lead magnets" to convert your visitors into leads is a significant competitive advantage. To participate in the webinar, each visitor will fill in a form and thus feed your database.

5- The free trial, an irresistible lead magnet

It's as old as the world! The "tested and approved" mechanism. Offer a sample of your products in exchange for your visitors' data.

6- Free demos, a lead magnet involving

Particularly suited to online solutions and software, the "free demo" lets visitors know the product better by benefiting from a personalized presentation and a privileged exchange with the demonstrator. In exchange for his email, we give an appointment for a free "online" and customized demo, and we take the opportunity to convert the lead into a customer.

7- The case study, a reassuring lead magnet

It's proven that we tend to make the same choices as people who look like us (this is called social proof). A visitor will always be curious to know what you have been able to do for his competitor. A case study is rich in lessons, but to access it, he must go through the "contact form" box and fill in his contact details and email.

8- Discounts, a maddening lead magnet

Offering a discount for a limited time also works digitally. Moreover, by associating this opportunity promotion with an emergency, the visitor will not want to miss a good deal and will not hesitate to give his email to take advantage of it.

9- Video training, a unifying lead magnet

Online video training is on the rise—and the opportunity to offer your video training modules in exchange for an initial registration step. The advantage of video training is that you can, as you see fit, sequence the sessions and increase the opportunities for contact with your prospects.

10- The compilation of relevant links

What luck to access a complete list of the most pertinent links concerning your activity without spending hours looking for them, identifying them, reading them, and classifying them? By doing this work for your visitors and allowing them to access it with a simple email, you will have a good chance of seeing your database leap forward.

These ten lead magnet ideas represent suitable mechanisms to deploy on your website to convert visitors into leads. However, other techniques exist and even remain to be imagined to transform digital contacts into future customers.

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